Frequently asked questions at All Saints
  • How do I communicate with pre-school?

    A regular newsletter is emailed and a noticeboard in the cloakroom should keep you up to date with any events and important information.

    How can make payments to pre-school?

    Fees can be made by leaving payment in the fee box in the cloakroom. Alternatively, you can also make payment via BACS transfer; the account number and sort code appear on pre-school invoices.

    What should my child wear?

    Old clothes are best for pre-school though we have a uniform of polo and sweatshirt which can be purchased online at: www.yourschooluniform.com. Click on ‘find your school’ and select All Saints’ C of E Primary School, Bradford. Pre-school has its own section at the bottom. Your child will be allocated a peg when they first start to hang their belongings on. Please name all coats and belongings. For rain, a good waterproof, wellies and a spare change of clothing is needed. When the weather gets colder hats, gloves and scarves….are all essentials and when we are blessed with good weather don’t forgot sun hats and sun cream.

    My child isn't quite ready to use the toilet on their own

    Children can ask a pre-school member of staff to take them to the toilet during the session. We understand accidents do happen and we do have spare clothes available should the need arise.

    What provision is there for children to eat and drink?

    The children have a snack of milk and fruit and something like a crumpet or toast during the session – please tell the playgroup leader/key worker if your child cannot drink milk or has any other food allergies.

    What happens at drop-off/collection time?

    Please drop off your child promptly at the start of each session as we begin with a register and group time. Parents and children wait on the benches in the cloakroom until called in by the member of staff on duty. At the end of the session parents should wait at the gate (12&1pm) until their child is brought out by a member of staff or at 3/4pm wait in the cloakroom until a member of staff brings your child to you. Please collect your child promptly at the end of a session as children sometimes get upset if left too long!

    I can't collect my child, but a family member can. Are we allowed to do this?

    Yes, as long as we know you have authorised the person who is collecting your child. We also have a password that you will provide us when registering your child that can be used as a security measure.

    My child is ill. What should I do?

    Please use common sense when considering if your child is fit for action at pre-school. If your child is unwell, particularly with illnesses such as sickness, diarrhoea or childhood infectious diseases (i.e. chicken pox), please keep them at home until they are well again and clear of infection as outlined by your doctor.

    While it is not our policy to care for sick children, who should be at home until they are well enough to return to pre-school, we will agree to administer medication as part of maintaining their health and well-being or when they are recovering from illness. There is a detailed policy regarding this that should be referred to if this situation should occur.

    What is EYFS?

    EYFS stands for Early Years Foundation Stage. It comprises a set of welfare requirements and a set of learning and development requirements, which must be followed by providers of care for children below 5 years old – the age of compulsory education in the UK.

    What are your policies on...

    If you’re interested to know about our other policies not mentioned above, see a full list of our current policies document on our Policies page.

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