About Us

About All Saints
  • The mission of All Saints is to bring children and success together through play.

    Our ethos is based on that of the Pen Green early years research centre: to celebrate children, honour their needs and support their families within a community setting.
  • The key concepts that underpin our practice are:


    • Wellbeing –  We want every child to feel happy, secure and included in pre-school. We operate an equal opportunities policy in which every child is valued regardless of sex, faith, religion, skin colour or culture.
    • Schemas – We recognise that each child has its own way of learning, or schema, and plan our activities to respond to this variety.
    • Observation – Observing children is an important part of our role. The more you know about a child, the more effectively you can meet their needs and plan the next steps of learning.
    • Pedagogic strategies – We are continually developing our understanding of how we can help children learn


    All Saints’ Pre-School is Ofsted inspected and we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance, which has a strong focus on developing and learning through play.


  • Partnership with parents

    Our team of dedicated, fully qualified and highly experienced professionals in Early Years Education form the bedrock of All Saints’ Pre-School. But we also recognise that you are your child’s first educators and we welcome parents’ involvement in all aspects of Pre-School, especially in helping to run special events and becoming a committee member.

    Our work with the whole family, parents included, begins with a home visit. Before your child joins us we will visit you at home to chat about all aspects of Pre-School, from how we create your child’s Learning Journey and how we can work together to get the best for your child.

    Once your child starts at All Saints, you can securely keep up to date with their growth an development through Tapestry– an online and app-based learning journal. You can also take part in optional Learning Together sessions, where you can come along to a session and join in the fun . Just contact us for more info! 

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  • Understanding Schemas

    A schema is a pattern of behaviour a child exhibits as she explores the world through learning, growth and play.

    We offer a booklet which explains how to observe patterns of play and become familiar with different schemas. This helps parents have a better understanding of their own child’s behaviours and also fosters well-informed dialogue between parents and Pre-School staff about a child’s learning.

    Click the link below to download it now, and get a better sense of how your child is experiencing the world through play. 


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