End of Term Newsletter

July 21, 2017
  • Dear Parents and Carers

    As our term comes to an end, we can celebrate all the wonderful activities and learning that has taken place throughout the year.

    We say a fond farewell to our rising five cohort as they move on to Primary School. Highlights from the year include our Forest Schools sessions and in particularly the mud slide – lots of fun, giggling and problem solving a plenty on that afternoon. We have visited Cliffe Castle, the park, the library, the river and much more. We wish all the very best in your new schools. Mrs. Wood will be popping in to All Saints to see how you are all getting on, and watching you perform the nativity.

    All our children have explored so much this year, going to the construction site, travelling to faraway places, launching rockets and setting off to the moon. Digging channels and making mud pies there’s never been a dull moment.

    A big thankyou to all of our parents that attended Sports Day and the lovely cakes and buns, we had a lovely afternoon in the sunshine and raised £60.00 which will go towards new resources for the children.

    Changes at Pre-School

    As many of you know there are number of changes taking place here at Pre-School in September. We have extended our hours to include the 30 free hours for 3/4yrs. If you have still yet to apply for your 30hrs code please note the deadline for the codes for us is Friday 11th August. If you require further information regarding the 30hrs and how to apply please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

    Fond farewells and hellos

    Earlier this term we said a fond farewell to Mrs. Smither. We have all missed her cheery disposition, we wish her well with her new endeavors. We will also say goodbye to Mrs. Murgatroyd who has ably supported our very special needs children. Thank you Mrs. Murgatroyd we will miss you, we hope you will come and see what we are up soon. We wish you well with your studies at University.

    Our assistant manager Mrs. Pickles gave us some special news a few weeks ago that her daughter Gemma will be expecting her first baby in November. Mrs. Pickles is very excited about this and has decided to retire from Pre-School life at the end of 2018. Over the next academic year she will start to hand over roles and take more of a back as she approaches becoming a grandparent.

    With Mrs. Pickles pending retirement, we will be looking to appoint a new assistant manager in the Autumn term. 

    Mr. Crooks has also been promoted to the role of deputy play leader from September we wish them the very best in their new roles and they will be a great asset to Pre-School.


    Our new website is now up and running, this going to be a great resource for parents to keep in touch with everything that goes on here at Pre-School, please visit our new site. The web address is the same as our old one. Please note that from September our mobile telephone number will be changing we will inform all parents of the new number at the start of term.


    Can we ask that you take all your child’s possessions with you on their last day here at Pre-School. Please don’t forget your sun cream! Any left items will be donated to charity.

    All the staff wish you a wonderful sum filled summer – enjoy!

  • Upcoming events

    July 21

    Pre-School closed after the session at 1:00pm.

    September 6

    Pre- School opens  

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